Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Ok, the last few days have been more than a little tension-inducing.

On Monday I found out that I had the opportunity of interviewing one of The Strokes, guitarist Nick Valensi, on Tuesday afternoon. Naturally I wasn't going to say no, even though it meant that most of Monday was a right off because I had to get public transport across town to South Melbourne, to the office of Sony BMG, so I could listen to eight of the 14 tracks off the band's forthcoming 3rd album First Impressions of Earth. (It's good, much better than Room On Fire - but more on that in a couple of weeks, once the embargo has been lifted.)

Tuesday I did the interview, although as they were running a couple of hours behind schedule, the whole afternoon was a right off as well. (I'll play the interview on my RRR program Smartarts at the end of the year, or in early January; I'm not quite sure when, yet. I'll also print some of it in my MCV column, despite the fact that the idea of me doing so has got the record company in a tizzy - I can only assume that they think I'm gonna suggest the band are all gay or something!)

I spent all of today, Wednesday, stressing over tomorrow morning's radio show, as I have to host a Stanley Kubrick special live from ACMI for three hours, with guests including Kubrick's widow Christiane, and the star of A Clockwork Orange Malcolm McDowell.

Then tomorrow night is the 10th birthday of Q + A (queer + alternative) the Thursday night club that I co-coordinate and DJ at.

Stressed? Me? Hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


ekstasis said...

you probably won't get this in time - but is this a strictly invite only affair, or can anyone just rock up and come for the party?

richardwatts said...

Anyone can come along to Q + A's birthday. Doors open at 9pm, entry is free, but we'll probably have a full house and a huge queue from 10pm, so be early!

David Prater said...

deep breaths, richie ... deep breaths ... and all i can say is strokes album #3 would want to be better than #2.

Gemnastics said...

Hmmm, do you mean 'write-off'?

richardwatts said...

Davey: My breathing is so deep at the moment my lungs are convinced they're visiting the Marianas Trench! Strokes #2 sad, Strokes #3 mad.

Gemma: Yes, smartarts. ;-)